Juiceboxx Inc.

After three frayed chargers...

we knew we had to do something about it. A patent for anti-fray technology and 15k satisfied customers later, here we are!

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CultOfMac.com, George Tinari
"If you travel often, get the Juiceboxx. Just get it. It’ll save both you and your adapter some stress."

– CultOfMac.com, George Tinari

Entrepreneur.com, David Gerzof-Richard
"I personally have had to replace two chargers from fray failure in the last year and was thrilled to discover a startup out of Ohio that solved this problem through an innovative MacBook charger case called JuiceBoxx."

– Entrepreneur.com, David Gerzof-Richard

GAMbIT Magazine
"The Juiceboxx Charger Case is a must have piece of kit for anyone that has a MacBook/MacBook Pro that does a lot of traveling."

– GAMbIT Magazine

Mac Observer, Bryan Chaffin
"If you’ve ever had to replace a charger because it frayed or broke, you’ll probably appreciate this idea as much as me. "

– Mac Observer, Bryan Chaffin

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Love your MacBook but hate frayed cords? Our hard-shell case snaps around your charger and uses PATENTED anti-fray technology to keep you fray-free and organized.


The special trumpet guide prevents your cord from bending at sharp, damaging angles.


A special groove in the case allows you to keep your cords neat and compact.


Standout from the crowd with one of our beautiful translucent case colors.
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Stay clean and minimal with our clear case or stand out from the crowd with one of our eye-popping colors, up to you!

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