Juiceboxx Inc.

The JuiceBlog is alive, again!!!

We know, we know, it has been a little while since we wrote our last blog post... but we are back! 

So while we were away growing Juiceboxx and improving the customer experience, a few things have happened.

1. Social Media - We have expanded our social media to try and expand our reach to you all with discount codes, updates and creative and entertaining posts. Check out our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest pages. 

2. New Sales - We are now on Amazon! Currently waiting to be listed on Pintrest Buyable Pins and a few other websites.

3. Staff - The Juiceboxx team has grown by two new members! Kenny is an OSU grad in charge of being the office sales machine. Grant is a BGSU College of Business student currently interning with Juiceboxx and helps out with a little of everything around the office. And who can forget Odie, the office dog. He has become a regular around this place and helps with everyone's mood! 

There is so much more to talk about and so many things in the works. We will do our best to blog about updates, everything from critic reviews to new Juiceboxx developments. 

We are the FIRST company to produce a case that covers your MacBook charger, we will also be the FIRST to tell you about new and exciting news. Keep posted here and on our social media outlets for what we have in store! 

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