Juiceboxx Inc.

From Kickstarter to Global Distribution!

Team Juiceboxx Supporters,

Thank you for all of the support over the past year; we are thrilled to share an exciting update with you!

Sales of our MacBook charger cases have taken off after the successful Kickstarter campaign, and we are receiving domestic and international orders everyday!

The Juiceboxx founders are also doing well! After seeing success with the Juiceboxx charger case, Lucas, Andrew, and Scott created Launch Labs, a company that guides a business from idea to profitability.

With the Juiceboxx Charger Case, we’ve already done over $85,000 in sales in the first six months! There has also been some great buzz surrounding our product in the media and on YouTube. You can check out a couple reviews done by Cult of Mac or Columbus Business First!

Here’s a world map of where you might run into a Juiceboxx Charger Case!  

Don’t worry, we still have more fun announcements coming in the next several months! Who knows, maybe we will show up in big box stores near you!

Further, if you are interested in Launch Labs, check out the site and reach out to the founders if you or anyone you know has a great idea!

Thanks again for the support as we #EndTheFray

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Jan 25, 2017 • Posted by Anirudh Lal

I bought a unit on 11/21/16 having your order number 1771. I am yet to receive this unit. I have sent reminders but no reverts have come from your end. I got an email that the unit was shipped, but no tracking details have been provided.

Are you really shipping the products or just keeping the money and cheating the people.

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